Click Clack, Click Clack… Oh those sexy Stilettos

It’s been exactly a month since I penned the post on stilettos. After 400 views, 80 comments and over 100 likes this post has got an overwhelming response from readers across the globe, so I thought of posting it again for my new readers. Happy Reading!!

I recently visited a five star hotel in Delhi for an official meeting. As there was still some time for the meeting, I parked myself on one of sofas kept in the lobby, picked up the magazine kept on the glass table and started flipping thru it’s pages. One of the articles caught my eye. I was going thru it succinctly, suddenly sound of click clacks, click clacks got my attention, it’s the same sound which makes heads turn, which makes men stop lifts in anticipation, a feminine sound which casts a spell on you especially men. It was the sound of stilettos hitting the marble floor echoing off granite walls. The sound ricocheted off the floor and could be heard loudly across the entire lobby. I looked up like any man with some libido left would, she was the same lady walking across swiftly in my direction who was standing at the front office when I entered, wearing a nicely draped blue color gorgette saree, her name badge impeccably put on her right side which read, Ragini Singh and she was wearing these black stilettos which had four inches of heel.

With my gaze firmly fixed on her stilettos my mind started working overtime, how this woman is balancing herself on those wafer thin pencil heels I wondered. Her entire weight was on that small stick protruding out from her shoe and standing on it for the entire day can be quite taxing I mused. But why she had to wear it was the obvious question which rattled my mind? No doubt she got my attention and she looked glamorous and sexy wearing those and maybe she would not have got the attention otherwise but isn’t it too high a price to pay to get this attention. I wanted to explore on what could be the possible reasons behind it and also I had the topic for my next post ready. The higher the heel, the more weight and pressure gets shifted forward. Your knees and hips then have to push forward and your back has to hyper extend backwards to counterbalance. This can translate to leg, hip, and back pain.

Most of the women in position of high power want to wear high heels as it makes them appear professional and bossy. Some of the organizations like, top consulting firms, airline industries hotel industries women are specifically ordered to wear high heels. Wearing high heels is part of their dress code and those who do not follow this draconian code may end up losing the job.

This policy of wearing heels is widespread across the country especially in industries such as retail, restaurants, airlines and hotels. It can be be excruciating for women to climb up the stairs, walk across the hotel lobby or standing thru out an eight hour shift as is the case in hotel industry, In airline industry especially for those air hostess it can be quite treacherous as well as they have to walk on those rickety mobile stairways made of iron and also have to cover the entire aisle strutting back on forth serving the passengers. God forbid in case of any emergency how will they manage it, I shudder to think of that scenario.

It is not as if all women are coerced into wearing heels, some women themselves want to wear it for it makes them look glamorous and sexy, and it acts as a confidence booster for them and makes them even more wanting. It is that strutting around in stilettos makes them feel more feminine.

In some of the surveys it has been found that women wearing stilettos get more attention vis-à-vis those wearing flats. Also for some women who are shorter in length it is a boon for they can date a guy much taller to them and walk confidently. But poor them they don’t realize that a person who loves you for your height can also leave you for the same reason. I think it’s too weird a reason but then most of my female readers can tell better.

As far as our office is concerned we don’t encourage women to wear high heels except may be the ladies at the reception who want to wear it themselves, in fact I feel women should not wear stilettos at all . If you are comfortable in flats why not wear flats, why take this pain of wearing these stilettos which are pain for both neck and back.

There have been some cases reported where in women have been barred from entry into film events for wearing flats. This is one of the worst forms of apartheid. Some countries have totally put a ban on stilettos for it is not good for health. Phillpinines is the first country wherein employees are proscribed from wearing stilettos more than one inch in size for it affects the movement and in turn affects the productivity.

Pencil sized heels are still are the worst that can one wear and can alter the personality of a woman. But still if you want to wear stilettos here are some of the precautions which you can take

The thicker the heel, the better

Avoid thin heels, the stilettos. They cause your foot to wobble around. If you’re wearing stilettos every day, you might want to consider a chunkier heel style and change it up a bit.

Avoid thin soles, opt instead for a platform

Thin soles will almost always give you pain on the bottom of your foot. You want a thicker sole or a little bit of a platform, which will offset some of the pressure when you’re walking. A rubbery material will absorb that pressure.

Kick your shoes off throughout the day and stretch your ankles and toes. Stretch your feet after you take your shoes and take them off frequently.

Whatever is your reason for wearing one but as a man, women wearing heels with such élan never ceases to amaze me. For me it is the eighth wonder of the world. It is glamours and makes a woman look attractive but there are other facets of looking attractive as well. A cheerful face and a nicely toned body are equally attractive, rather than going thru this torturous experience of wearing the heels. Banning stilettos is surely not the right solution for women will feel that too much restrictions are being imposed on them and no doubt certain dresses require stilettos to be worn with them but the trick is to wear them judiciously else there are many podiatrists who want to have a share of your wallet.

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  1. Just have to read and like it a second time 😊 A very thoughtful post Siddhartha! I have high heels but I haven’t wearied them for ages. Comfort more appealing to me than attention 😄

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