How I met the woman of my dreams

First meeting at Metro Walk Delhi

It was already 5.00 PM, and three of us were ready for the 2nd meeting of the day. Dressed up in the best of cloths.

I don’t know how!!! But papa always scheduled meetings so meticulously so that we can meet as many prospective brides as we can, Sundays I must say were booked…after all we were searching for the right girl for our family.

Well, first meeting of the day was not that good, girl from Ganaur was arrogant, brash to say the least and our families didn’t even know what to talk about. Had I cared if only she was any better…

Anyways my ordeal lasted for about half an hour. We gulped our coffee and left with customary goodbyes as what happens in all the meetings which are designed to find the prospective bride and groom.

Mummy I said let’s move out first we have a second meeting also planned, I hoped at least this time girl will be better and will have some spark.

We all men we nurture a special feeling, my would be wife has to be beautiful yet simple, she should fit into my family easily.

Metro walk, is always one of the best places to hang out, in evenings with the picturesque settings, manicure grass, lush green parks, some of the best brands in the country, it makes a beautiful setting for all the families and couples, an artificially created water body and ample of hot girls to ogle at, what else could be better.

Anyways Tring Tring.. my phone was ringing and it was papa calling,, at that time I had a Sony ericsson phone which costed me more than what I wanted to pay,
where are you??? he said in his baritone,, we.. I said meekly.. We are at CCD. Come near the main gate he shouted … they are already there

The girl’s side who were supposed to come from Rohini have reached.. and they were waiting near the main gate Oh that’s better we at least got some breathing space. I quipped.

My mom was still sipping her cup of coffee and admiring the aesthetics of CCD , wearing her silk sarees looked so elegant, she always does, she knows how to dress so unlike me, Mummy I said they have arrived and are near food court,.

We rushed to the kiosk before food court and here was Papa standing right in front of the kiosk giving us the look as we have missed the flight.

We approached the food court and they were already standing there, out of all the people I could make out the girl, a lean dusky girl who could wear a smile on her the whole day. Those lips were to be mine.

After seeing so many prospective brides in all the flashy cloths, it was hard to believe that somebody would come wearing simple mustard colored kurti and white pajamee, elegant and simple, sort of girl you could spend your life with.

Let’s sit, grab our seats else there are people looking to fill in the empty places left. On those days I was on perpetual diet to keep my weight in check, but aroma of freshly cooked pakoras and finger chips was too hard to resist.

We ordered and munched some them. Let the good times begin,
From now the best part. Papa said why don’t you people go and talk to each other, pull a chair and talk what you want to talk, these are the moments when I can be on my own, Well sometimes it takes a life time to find the right person and times it’s that something that clicks and I knew that shez is the girl who I can spend rest of my life with.

Then our talks started, there were some kids who were creating lots of noises but here I was making all the right noises and all the right moves. We talked and talked a lot trying to impress each other. Probably she was as nervy wreck but after so much experience I was not ready to let this opportunity go.. We discussed books, movies, life, and so much.

After a while I was cocksure shez the one and some of the smiles and laughs reassured me that she was up for it.

We wished each other goodbye and parted.

Inside the car I was quiet, who will make the first move, as for papa all the girls were good, however this time things were different mom broke the silence and said a “what do you think beta??
I liked her, seems to be a nice girl, that’s what even I wanted to hear, totally happy that they have liked her as well. For the first time all three of us were of the same opinion and as we headed towards home probably I was the one who had all the ladoos bursting in my heart.


  1. It truly appears straight from heart. Emotions very well captured and expressed…. Waiting to read more such stories straight from heart

  2. Nive write. All the best. Now i understood why u liked my story ‘introdiuce yourself’.
    So looks like u gave a very nice introduction to her 🙂

  3. I love stories and you definitely retell them very well…i wasn’t conversant with some of the things you mentioned in there but you described the setting so well that i could actually picture it somewhat in my head. Looking forward to interact with more of your good work.

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