O My God oh no.. “Boss”


We have read ample number of articles on Mother Child relationship, father mother relationship, husband wife relationship. There have been umpteen numbers of articles on those relationships but one of the most neglected or least researched areas is the relationship between a boss and his subordinate. Don’t be amused by this. Yes, it is one of the most esoteric topics which affects all but very few understand. Those who understand it well reach the pinnacle of success and those who do not understand it end up being miserable, leading the life of an underachiever.

We spend most of our times in misery and cursing our own fate but life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to the situation.

Most of the working professionals whether in Public sector or Private sector spend more than eight to ten hours at their work place and it is imperative to have at least a working relationship if not good relationship with your immediate supervisor but why do most of us end up having a bitter experience with our bosses is still a mystery to many.

When a  young greenhorn enter into the workplace, his only aim is to excel in his job but what is it that changes over a period of time that he loses his verve, his passion and end up as just another run of the mill employee. I believe it is his immediate supervisor who has the most crucial role to play in his development. It is often said that employee does not leave an organization, he leaves his boss and that is so very true.

In twelve years of my career and talking to many of my friends and colleagues I have realized that relationship with your immediate supervisor is one of the most crucial relationships and like all other relationships you need to give it time, you need to nurture it with hard work passion and dedication. If one can manage this relationship well one ends up not only being a successful professional but a satisfied human being as well.

Though there are different types of bosses but I have categorized them broadly into following four categories.

Egotist and Abusive:



He is the kind of boss who wants his subordinate to be his minion who works according to his whims and fancies and never says or does anything which hurts his ego. He is always seen with his coterie of people.  He has very high ego and is the most difficult one to deal. If you get one it’s your shear hard luck. He will never let you progress in your professional life and will suck the energy out of you. He will keep you occupied in some menial task and never allow you to prosper. He will take the entire credit for job well done and still blame you. He will talk badly about you behind your back and paint you a villain in front of the top management to take credit. Such types of bosses are most dangerous.  He will give your last minute jobs so that you are stuck up in office forever. He will not give you leaves. He wants you to slug it out without any reward or recognition. Working under him is a sure short recipe to ruin your health and personal life. Get yourself free from his crutches as soon as possible. If you cannot do that at least make your position clear in front of his boss and make your seniors know about the same, involve Human resource department if need be and run from him at the first available opportunity.

Workaholic and self-Centered


This type of boss is not very different from the previous one except he himself is always engrossed in work and expects the same from his subordinate.  The only thing he is interested is getting the job done no matter what. He is a hard core professional a perfectionist who spends all his time in office and expects the same from you. It is very difficult to get leaves from these kinds of bosses. They are never appreciative of your work no matter how much effort you put in. He also like egotist boss will never give your credit. He is  always interested in getting appreciation from the top management but never pass on any to you, even though he is  aware that you are doing a pretty good job. He will  always rate you less than what you have actually done. One must guard against this kind of boss and let him know that you mean business. Don’t get exploited by him and be assertive otherwise he will rip you apart and will take all your joy.

Indifferent Boss:


He although better than the egotist is also not an easy animal to deal with. He is indifferent to most of the activities happening around you. He gives you freedom to do the job according to you but is never willing to take the blame if anything goes wrong. He wants you to handle all the work meticulously so that he can carry on with his own leisurely ways.  He will rate you based on his appraisal by his boss. He is least bothered about promotions and career goals. For him mental peace is most important. He is the most risk averse and won’t allow you venture into anything new. Don’t go to him expecting any solutions for the problems that you are facing. The positive point about him is you will have lot of freedom working under him without much interference.

Team man 



He is the best possible boss one can have. An ideal boss every subordinate wants to have. He knows the job well and delegates his responsibilities to the subordinate the way it should be done. He is focused and knows what to expect from his subordinates. He is team man to the core and takes entire team along with him. He wants his team members to excel in their jobs and is willing to go an extra mile to make it work. You can go and seek his advice if you want to and his doors are always open. He is not an egotist and wants the entire team to do well. He is the one who is willing to take the blame when things don’t go well and will protect you to the hilt. It is always a dream to work under such boss. You will have the freedom to express yourself and at the same time you will have the necessary support to take risks. He encourages you to take risks and is appreciative if things work out. He is not a boss, he is a leader in true sense. For all of you reading, yes such bosses do exist.

We all want the team man boss but most of the times we don’t get such a boss and we end up making our lives miserable. Some the major issues of contention between any boss and his subordinate are making him sit for the long hours, denying him leaves and not giving him his due. These ruin your health and personal life which in turn affects the organizations performance as well.

If you ever feel you are getting stuck, it is advisable to talk to your peers who you confide in and find out the solution. Running away from the problem is not going to help in any ways and being quiet and suffering is surely not an option.

If you feel you are being harassed then talk to you top management as some bosses do need counselling. If nothing else works and you feel suffocated then leave the job, this is not the place for you but remember

With your grit and determination you can handle any boss. One can handle an egotist boss as well by being assertive. If you want to do the things your own way be assertive and ask for it.

Ask, and it will be given to you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and it will be opened for you”.



So what type of boss is yours?? Do not forget to share your feedback.




  1. It’s so important and it makes a world of a difference to have a positive relationship with your boss, and other colleagues as well. It’s like, why make this a hard/bad time when you know you have to be here anyway! Great, interesting read! I’ve always had the “team man” as a boss since I’ve been working and the one job I had at an airline when I didn’t have that, work was miserable! I left! You just feel better knowing you’re working along side of someone who wants to see everybody win!

  2. Thanks for reading the blog and posting your views. For any author knowing the views of his readers is of paramount importance. You are at your work place for eight to ten hours and no matter how much we say but having a good time in office makes all the difference.
    Request you to please subscribe to the blog and post with your real name.
    Happy Reading

  3. Yes Sachin, no matter how much we deny but managing our relationship with boss is important.

  4. Yes Siddharth Agree that to a subordinate. Boss is the The Company itself. If he is good so is the company and vice versa. Lucidly written blog. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement. You are in the category of team man boss. Please read other posts as well and give your feedback.

  5. I agree that bosses make a huge impact and it’s important to have a team man in every organisation however the above 3 are easier to find than the latter 😊 I hope this blog reach out to the leaders of the organisation for their self help and yes well collaborated and described 👍🏻👍🏻

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