Tanshul: A Fascinating Love story


Hello, do you know where mummy Papa had gone today” inquired Geeta with a lilt in her voice.

“I think they have finalized the girl for Tanuj and probably Masi wants Mummy Papa to meet the girl’s family.”

“That’s all right but do you know who the girl is?”

“No, I don’t, they are from Rohini, that’s all I know I quipped” There’s something about rohini girls born on 26th of October which makes them so endearing.

“Girl is … Anshul Dhamija

“OOO seriously” I almost jumped in excitement

“See we knew this” I said in a boisterous voice

“But why was he on this wild goose chase all this while, troubling everybody especially his parents.”

“Sometimes people are miffed they don’t know what they really want”, replied Geeta philosophically.

“Yeah may be Love Aajkal” I mused

Whatever it is, it is one of the most intriguing love stories which I could not resist writing about. Probably there are some facets of this fascinating love story which will always be wrapped under mystery but I am surely going to divulge the part wherein I played a cameo.

When I got to see the wedding card, I could not help but feel nostalgic about how it all started and some of our childhood memories came flooding back into my mind. This incident goes back to the day when Tanuj’s mother or baby didi as Pallavi fondly calls her was getting married and I could see my dear sister almost in tears as her marriage was getting solemnized. Her favorite massi would no longer be available during her visits to nani’s house and visits to Rohtak would never be the same again.

She is going to be married; probably she will not be there when we come to nani’s house the next time” she said barely fighting back her tears, even though I was unperturbed by all this commotion but still I had to feign gloominess on her leaving just to comfort Pallavi or to give her company. Dare not say anything against her wishes was my mantra to be happy. We were all very young at the time, she was 9 and I was around 5, Mani, Gauri, Dolly all were super excited for the wedding and when Baby Masi left in her car for her in laws place, Pallavi cried a hoarse. Probably that bond of massi and niece was inseparable.

We really missed you Pallavi di probably your most loved massi missed you even more during all these celebrations of Tanuj getting married.

On 10th November our hero, Tanuj Munjal entered into the world and we were all jubilant as he was the new addition to our bustling gang of marauders and as such he was a chubby cutie pie who rarely cried and wanted to have fun all the ways except some of the instances which I would not talk about. I vividly remember him dragging his red colored walker and asking for water. Sound of his oos, aas and giggles are still fresh in my ears. He was chubby and naughty as a kid and had the guts to take on kittu mama’s might.

Time flew thick and fast, he visited us at times while preparing for his engineering entrance, it was then that I came to know about his first love, his predilection for long sleeping hours. I could gauge he was blessed with stupendous ability to learn and comprehend but had this great ability to sleep for long hours and had a magnetic personality probably which got Anshul hooked.

After completing his engineering he landed up with a job win an IT company and had an opportunity to go abroad but then destiny had other plans. I remember asking him

Are happy with you present job

I want to live student life once again” he yearned for another stint as a student.

He studied hard and got into one of the best management institutes in the country and that was the beginning of one of the most intriguing love stories of our family which is definitely worth writing about. Getting clicked and putting up pictures on face book is a rage among youngsters and Tanuj was no different. Even though he was not putting up pictures but he was the center of attraction with beautiful girls in the background.

Initially we did not bother who the people are in the background but there was one commonality in all those pictures. There was one beautiful lady who was seen in all the pictures and that was enough to raise eyebrows. I asked Geeta,

Is Tanuj in your friend’s list”

yes he is”

Have you seen some of his pictures on FB”, there’s always a very pretty girl standing by his side.

Is he dating him?”

Maybe he is” she replied rather nonchalantly.

But Tanuj, I don’t think so “

why can’t it be he is no spring chicken , he can have a girlfriend”

That was pretty much the end of it. We never thought about it till the time Mukul got married and as Tanuj was next in line, it was almost certain that he will be vexed with some difficult questions and I decided to confront him

So Tanu, when are you getting married

I am not able to find out a girl, you find out one worth marrying”

But during your MBA days you got yourself clicked with all these beautiful girls” deliberately avoiding any mention of Anshul.

“ I don’t they were the ones who put up the pictures on Facebook. “

But you seemed to be really close to Anshul” I couldn’t control my urges

No there’s nothing like that she is just a friend

But you guys seem like so close to each other

Bhaiya it’s not like this” he sighed forlornly

After that there was no mention of his MBA days or pictures and as far as I know search for a bride started in earnest.

As Tanuj was delving for his life partner there were some conversations which we had on the sidelines as well and one of them with Pallavi was like this

“So when are you coming?”

Maybe Tanuj’s wedding”

“Yeah they are looking for his bride”

“Is he still looking for someone” she was bemused

But there is this very pretty girl who he is seen in most of the pics

So it was clear everybody knew about it, I was not the only one who was  hitched to this this astounding love story

Yeah Anshul Dhamija but she is just a friend” I replied back.

I thought she is his girl friend” she giggled

Yeah go ahead and ask him” I snapped back

But she never did and we never came to know. But there was surely something cooking between them and mystery unfolded in  the most fascinating way a bewitching love story culminating into marriage when this most adorable couple tied the knot on 23rd of November . A mind boggling love story culminating in to a lavish wedding with truckloads of memories, the most memorable one of getting stuck in traffic jams for hours.

Energy levels of Chayan during all the wedding functions were exemplary, it reminded me of myself during Pallavi’s wedding.  Whether it was due to Tanu’s  wedding or something else is an enigma which will unfold in some years. But whatever it is, we loved the way he handled all the chores with so much élan.

Wish both of you a wonderful and charming married life. May you remain entwined together till eternity and I live to tell this tale.


  1. A love-ly love story that after all did get solemnized in matrimony. I am sure the new couple will treasure these memories and this beautiful expression of their love so that they can read, cherish and laugh about it in the days to come, still reminiscing their beautiful moments from the past. Wishing both of them a very happy married life.

    1. Thanks for this lovely comment. I will convey your message to them. They indeed are a beautiful couple.

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