Immense pain in my heart 

 Felt as if pumping stopped 

Coronary arteries all were  blocked

Oxygen flow abruptly stopped 

Nerves entangled, live in shambles

This one fling, I could not handle 

I pampered you with my love and care

But you simply left and did not care

Neurons played their own part

Knee jerk reaction also fell apart

I don’t have any compunction,

You were a worthless adulation

Your traces are gathering the dust somewhere in cortex 

I am jubilant  now as I know my worth.


Image from Google Images 


  1. Oh dear!! Loved this Sid!!
    I am so sorry I have been so busy in the festivities, I am not able to read the blogs lately!!
    This is yet again a brilliant piece!

  2. “Emotions and Biology” together, this is such a unique presentation. When people limit it to heart, you went a step ahead to write about coronary arteries too. This is creative and technical and different.

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