Confessions of a serial Dieter

weight issues


Oh God!! please, my weight should be under 80!! , I prayed standing on the weighing machine. I so hate this weighing scale which always shows me 3-4 Kilos heavier than I actually am.

I did not have the courage to look down and come to terms with the reality of my actual weight. I always look lean in the mirror whereas, this weighing machine always tells a different story.

Anyways gathering courage, I looked at the scale and needle was bang in the middle between 80 -90 slightly tilting towards 90. It was 86 to be precise. What the hell !!I I can’t weigh this much. There is something wrong with this scale, I mused!!. I was also not wearing jeans or any such heavy clothing to make any excuse and I normally weigh myself only after emptying my bowls. So this machine was is no way showing the correct figure I thought. I was surely livid and truly baffled with what I saw.

Then slowly but surely reality dawned upon me and I realized that I really do weigh 86 Kgs. Even though I am a perpetual dieter but off late I binged on some of the sweets and ice creams which have always been my weakness. Besides I had been transferred from Rajasthan to Delhi and home cooked was too hard to resist. Combining all these factors with lack of exercise; gaining weight was a natural consequence.

Though I knew how difficult it is to even shed a few grams, I once again embarked on this long arduous journey towards loosing 10 kgs. I was quite determined and focused to shell of those extra kilos by right combination of diet and exercise. Giving up my favorite snacks and food was one of the hardest things to do. Then I gave up sweets and other things but results were hard to come by.

Morning breakfast was reduced to one Roti with curd, lunch consisted of two Rotis and Dal and dinner was only one roti and Sabzi. In between I exercised for about 45 minutes every day and it extended to one hour on weekends.

However miracles do happen, I started to shelve of kilos and I lost over 3 Kgs in the first Month and another two subsequently .By the end of third month I had lost 7 Kgs and weighed 78. Well this was not enough as I had some lose more, I kept up the good work and shelved off another KG but this was all I could do.

After a while I started binging on my favorite sweets and gained another KG in 15 days. By year end I weighed 79 kilos but I was still quite ebullient. But know with the onset of winters it was time to eat my favorite wintry food , Gajaks and assorted sweets which I so relish with lori also approaching there’s no stopping me.

As for dieting it of course can wait. I am after all a serial dieter and few extra kilos here and there doesn’t matter.

I wrote it some time back.


  1. Hi
    Exactly the same thing happen to me. I am also in the process of loosing my weight. But instead of reducing, it increase every time I check it.

  2. Hi there, so I am commenting yet again, hope it get posted this time.
    I started putting on after my school finished in 2009, and I am on dieting since then. Now if feels forever.🤣
    But adding exercise is giving results.
    Very nicely penned.

    1. Exercise helps but diet is paramount. You will have to diet at least till you get married. Even I was conscious before marriage but after that I am on gaining spree. But you have rightly said exercise helps.

  3. The weighing machine has been my enemy for most of my life (at least since the time my taste buds learnt that food had variety). I can understand your dilemma but now am at least glad that I am not alone here. I think consistency and a strict diet (which means no sweets and mindful eating – one that I am terribly terrible at) is the key.
    As long as your healthy, it is okay to indulge once in a while but keep that exercise regimen going. Good one, Siddhartha.

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