Love happens when You least expect it to



Great things happen when you least expect them to and something similar happened to me. After graduating from John Hopkins university in space sciences, I was over the moon as my child hood dream of working for NASA was going to be fulfilled and there was no stopping my ecstasy.

Hi!! I am Rebecca Johnson from down town California.  I was raised by my mother after sad demise of my father, who was in US army, in the year 1990 when I was only three years old. I have very hazy memories of my father. I was told that my father was a true patriot and nothing mattered to him more than his country. Probably the only thing in world which was equally dearer to him was his daughter Rebecca. It was his dream to see his daughter become a space scientist and reach for the moon literally and here I was so close to realizing his dream but alas, he was not going to be there.

Anyways, I started working in fuels department in NASA. We had to buy liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen and other types of fuels which are required for launching of aircraft. We also bring in lot of fuel from outside Florida and as Florida is a sensitive state with lot of military bases so we had to take all statutory permissions.

As I came from a military background, I always had this thing for strong burly military men, and coincidence as one my call it I was the one who was assigned the job to liaison with the base station officers in Tampa Florida. During one such visit I met this guy Josh,

Josh was a very tall handsome guy, more than 6’ may be 6’2”, had strong biceps and a chiseled body. His 50” chest was bulging out from his uniform when I first saw him and no wonder I couldn’t stop staring at him.

So you are Rebecca from NASA??”  He said in his baritone looking at me

I turned around and just couldn’t take my eyes off, marveling at this most handsome guy, I ever met.  I never had any serious affair, may be a fling or two in college but nothing serious. Maybe because guys found me boring, I was the studious types who wore glasses and these were big turn offs for guys. But little did they know behind these heavy glasses is a girl who can get very naughty if given the right opportunity and this guy Josh was going to give me that opportunity, to be me.

Suddenly I came to my senses and said

yeah, we are getting this new rocket fuel from Ohio and we need permission from  Major”

He replied with a charmed smile a smile, ‘Oh my God what smile. I wanted to drown myself in those bulging biceps and kiss him over and over again but resisting the temptation I tried to concentrate.’

He has gone for an emergency meeting, maybe it will take him two to three hours.  You can come tomorrow.” 

His words made me sad but then as God had something else in store for us, I got this brilliant idea. I can be really pretentious at times, nonchalantly I told this guy

“You just inform him, when he comes that Ms. Rebecca from NASA fuel center came to meet him and this is my number 018XXXXx”

He barely looked at me and said

But ma’am this is a restricted area and we cannot carry our phones”

I had real hots for this guy and I cannot let him go so easily, bullshit can’t you see I am giving you my number, I was aghast, why was I wearing this formal shirt and trousers which barely revealed my round ass and my shapely boobs.’

Anyways another coincidence happened there is a hotline between Tampa base station and NASA and this was my last chance.




Ok then please inform me on my hotline

Yeah that’s sounds like a good idea” Josh finally said some right words

May I know your name and hotline number on which I can call.”  I said with lilt in my voice

He looked into my eyes with his arms folded wresting on his nicely build up abs and with a slight grin on his face he uttered

“Hi I am Josh Ziegler, glad to meet you miss Rebecca and my hotline number is XXX

Glad he said!

You fool Josh, here I am ready to show you my beastly side and you are only glad, come on Josh you can be a bit more romantic’

‘Inside I told myself yeah Rebecca, you have nailed it, now I am going to make this burly army man fall in head over heels in love with me’.


“Yeah ok” he curtly replied.

I left the camp ever so slowly cursing myself on wearing these loose cloths and spectacles then all of a sudden this voice came from behind

Bye Rebecca!! Nice Meeting you, I will surely let you know”


I knew this was a sign for things to come.

To be Continued…….

This is pure work of fiction and any similarity with any person living or dead is purely coincidental.


  1. Very very interesting.. Waiting for the continuation. I loved reading it, your words and reader becomes one! Keep writing 🙂

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